Becoming A Volunteer With CVFC

Cecilton Volunteer Fire Company is a volunteer organization providing fire, rescue, and EMS services to Cecilton, Warwick, Earleville, and surrounding communities.

As volunteers, members receive alerts for 911 calls via cell phone or by a pager issued by CVFC. At the time these alerts are received, our volunteers may be eating dinner, sleeping, attending a party, or spending time with their families. They drop what they are doing to serve their community during times of need.

All volunteers are expected to participate in activities such as training, fundraising events, attend meetings, station clean-ups, and more to ensure CVFC properly operates as a business.

This page has been created to answer your questions about joining CVFC and the benefits of volunteering. If you have any additional questions after reading this information, please contact us under the "contact" tab above.


Benefits of Volunteering

Free Education

CVFC provides their volunteers with the needed training. This includes firefighter I, firefighter II, EMT, First Responder and so much more! All courses are offered through the University of Maryland's Fire and Rescue Institute (MIFRI). The courses you take may be applied to a college degree.

Tax Benefits

As a volunteer firefighter, EMT, or administrative member, the state of Maryland offers a tax deduction. This deduction is used through a system known as VLOSP (volunteer length of service award). After serving your community over a period of time, you become eligible to receive monthly monetary gifts from the state of Maryland.


You may have heard it referred to as the brother and sisterhood. The people you meet and the friendships you make along the way become extremely rewarding. Many of those in the fire service consider their co-workers families and form unbreakable bonds.

Rewarding Experiences

Throughout the time you spend providing service for others, the experiences become the most rewarding. You may be teaching a child fire safety or saving someone's life and those rewarding things stay with you forever.


Types of Membership

CVFC has two types of memberships, including active and associate members. In this section, we will discuss these two different membership statuses.

Active Members
  • Respond to emergency calls for service
  • Firefighters, EMT's, Fire Police
  • Participate in company details
  • Free training & education
Administrative Members
  • Serve as admin/support members
  • Work functions
  • Maintain administrative duties
  • Plan fundraising events
  • Deliver food and beverages to emergency scenes
  • Less than 16 years of age
  • Participates in company-level training
  • Supports fundraising efforts
  • Aimed to prepare our children for active membership.



Our Volunteer's & Their Stories

Name: Deanna Cheyney
Rank: President/EMT
Age: 27
Years of Service: 11 Years

Reason For Joining: "I have always had a dream to join CVFC and continue my family's legacy through service for others. I couldn't wait to start helping and supporting our community during some of their most devastating times."

Most Memorable Call: "My most memorable call was a burn patient that fell into a fire pit. The patient was severely burned and was deteriorating rapidly. Due to our crew's speedy and adequate responses, the patient is still here today. That is the most rewarding feeling."

What I Love About Volunteering: "I love the heartwarming feeling after helping someone and making a difference in my patients' lives."


Name: Jessie Heinzelman
Rank: Probationary Member
Age: 21
Years of Service: 4 Years

Reason For Joining: "I became a volunteer because I wanted to get out into the community and find a way to get volunteer hours for school, but I ended up having a huge passion for it."

Most Memorable Call: "My most memorable call was a house fire in Warwick and we were first on scene in the engine. A woman had escaped from the fire, but her dog was still inside so I had to tackle her from going back in."

What I Love About Volunteering: "My favorite thing about volunteering is that there's always something needed around the firehouse and being an aid, I can help with all of the little things that not a lot of people have time for. I also love the learning experience and the fact that everyone in the firehouse is like my family."


Name: Ronald Goudy
Rank: Firefighter
Age: 24
Years of Service: 4 Years

Reason For Joining: "I became a volunteer to help others, and I wanted to give back after Cecilton crews transported my grandfather to the hospital when he passed away. Dave Sakers Jr. transported him and that will forever be a memory."

Most Memorable Call: "My most memorable call was a bail fire at a local farm in 2017. I had to strip my gear and get into the freezing cold water tank to hold the suction pipe down."

What I Love About Volunteering: "My favorite thing about volunteering is being able to have a second home and new friendships. It's like a brother and sister atmosphere. You fight a little, but have a world of respect for each other."

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